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Chatswood Healing Hands

Covid Safety

Rest assured that when you visit our clinic, all linen, blankets & towels are washed after every patient’s use. Surfaces are disinfected and the practitioner wears a mask for your safety. 

Struggling with pain, women issues, or general health imbalance? You’ve come to the right place. Chatswood Healing Hands is where your optimal health is on top of the priority.

What to Know

In our clinic, we help people who are dealing with different health conditions. The services and products that we offer — acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, stabilised aloe vera, arctic sea fish oil and bee products — will provide you with a gentle and holistic healing to optimise your health, manage symptoms, prevent disease, and improve your quality of life.

As your healing hands Chatswood, we offer services to help you achieve holistic health. We understand that your physical and emotional wellbeing all play a part in your overall health. That’s why your condition is best treated with regards to the rest of your body as a whole being.

What to Expect

Whether you have been struggling with an acute injury or a chronic health problem, acupuncture and Chinese herbs may be of great benefit to you.


When you are facing health issues, acupuncture will help you. The treatment involves the insertion of very thin, sterile needles into certain critical points of your body. It stimulates a body’s natural healing mechanisms, improving your health conditions and promoting overall well-being.

We offer acupuncture to treat various conditions and symptoms, including pregnancy, menstrual and menopausal issues, pain and chronic illness, cancer symptoms and treatment side effects, pain management, sleep disorders, nausea, stress and anxiety, and many more.

Our staff is trained and qualified to make sure that they carry out the treatment properly. We assess your needs beforehand. After careful evaluation, an individualised treatment plan is designed to meet your needs. In most cases, a certain plan will require the patient to get a series of treatments, usually lasting for an hour.

Some people only need two or three sessions to feel better, while many patients prefer more than four sessions to see and keep track of improvements. Our acupuncturists, the healing hands Chatswood, will provide you with an estimate on how long it should take to notice the difference, depending on your condition.

Chinese Herbs

Do you feel a number of symptoms that are difficult to pinpoint? Are you exhausted of trying conventional medical options and nothing seems to make a difference? You need a therapy that should counteract the side effects of the medication you previously took. Consider preventative treatment. Try Chinese herbal therapy.

The application of Chinese herbs is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment, but the therapy can complement medical treatment. Similar to acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy can also address unhealthy body patterns that manifest in various symptoms. It may be used to increase energy, improve breathing, minimise pain, improve menopausal symptoms, help regulate menstrual cycles and prepare the body for fertility, and the list goes on.

Our herbalists, the healing hands in Chatswood, will work closely with you and your physician to ensure that the course of the therapy is properly managed and monitored.

Chatswood Healing Hands Is Where to Seek Treatment and Therapy

Looking for a licensed practitioner who can perform the treatment and therapy to the highest possible standard? We are the healing hands Chatswood that you have been looking for. Our practitioner, Jaime Kerr, is a registered acupuncturist and a qualified Chinese herbalist. With almost two decades of experience in helping people relieve suffering, you can ensure that we can provide you with the most appropriate and effective solutions to your needs.

At Chatswood Healing Hands, your health is our utmost concern. Set an appointment today and let us know how we can help you. We will tailor a treatment plan right away to suit you.